Thursday, April 19, 2018

Prevent Corrosion By Altering The Packaging Environment with MetPro Desiccants!

Are your products moisture sensitive?

Looking for packaging that’s non-toxic?

Are your current packaging solutions failing to protect your products?

Corrosion is a worldwide problem that can cost businesses millions of dollars annually in both prevention and correction actions. We’re experts when it comes to corrosion prevention! We offer world class solutions to a worldwide problem. 

MetPro’s Desiccants come in two formats; activated clay desiccants or silica gel desiccants. Both types of desiccants will adsorb moisture within your packaging environment. The amount of moisture adsorbed within the packaging environment depends on the type and quantity of desiccant used. 

CLIMAGEL activated clay desiccants supplied by MetPro are based on natural, environmentally friendly and inert desiccant clay which offers a very high adsorptive binding capacity. CLIMAGEL desiccants will extract the moisture from the air in the packaging and bind it permanently.

For long term packaging solutions, we have a range of Desiccant products that will give you the required protection during both transport and storage. We guarantee that our desiccants will ensure that your products will arrive at their intended destination corrosion and rust free! 

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