Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Custom Packaging Solutions Meet Packaging Requirements Every Time!

Are your products subjected to harsh environments during transport?

Are you having constant problems with your products arriving at their destination, damaged, wet or corroded?

Can’t find suitable packaging that meets your requirements?
custom packaging solutions

We’re your experts when it comes to packaging! Our standard industrial packaging product range can be customized to meet your packaging requirements. We take pride in our ability to instantly react, reformulate and modify our products and formulations to ensure the best custom packaging solution for you and your customers.

We have the ability to conduct tests in our technical labs on products that need a customized solution! Our testing facilities carry out tests according to recognized international standards in controlled environments, replicating the environments that products will be subjected to, such as extreme shipping and storage conditions.

Using the correct packaging to ensure product quality will help increase the efficiency of your business. Ensure that you’re purchasing the correct packaging, in the correct format, for ease of use and application for your workers! If all else fails, we can create custom packaging solution to fit your needs!

Put Us to The Test! Take Your First Step Today!

We’re committed to supplying a high-quality product which may require some modification from our standard range, but we’ll ensure the technical value of our products is not altered. MetPro has the capacity and ability to customize and trial products to address the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Put us to the test! Contact us today so we can start your custom packaging solution right away!