Thursday, July 20, 2017

Increase Sales and Lead Generation With Proper Industrial Packaging!

Want to increase the efficiency of your business?  
Are your workers wasting too much time on packaging?
Want to find the best cost-effective packaging solution for your products? 

By using the correct industrial packaging to ensure product quality, it will help increase the efficiency of your business. Ensure that you’re purchasing the correct packaging, in the correct format, for ease of use and application for your workers. Are your workers spending too much time cutting packaging products into sheets when the material can be received in sheeted form, or perforated on a roll for ease of tearing? 
industrial packaging

Assess the packaging that you’re using. Do you need all the packaging that’s currently being applied to your products? Can you replace multiple forms of packaging with a simpler, stronger and more cost-efficient packaging solution? Do you need more storage in your warehouse to free up space for new products? Our extensive product range can provide a solution that’s customized to fit your needs.

The majority of our product range is made in-house and incorporates our world class VCI technology. MetPro’s VCI Technology makes our packaging unique – our VCI’s are amine and nitrite free, completely safe and meet all industry and environmental standards.

Our current range of Industrial packaging includes:
  • Anti-Corrosion Paper
  • Anti-Corrosion Film
  • AutoWrap Film
  • Anti-Corrosion Weave
  • Kraft Union Paper
  • Self-Seal Kraft Paper
  • Waxed Paper

Want to learn more about industrial packaging technology from MetPro? Contact us today to get started with your local MetPro Sales Representative! Our experienced sales team and technical engineers would be happy to assess your current packaging process to determine if your packaging requirements are being met in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.