Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Eliminate Moisture With Desiccants From MetPro!

Are you looking for long term or short term solutions to corrosion in transport?

No problem. We have solutions for both!

Short Term Storage & Transport Solutions

Prevention methods for short time storage or transportation have to be effective for a specific time period and can have no negative influence on the use of product after the storage or transportation finishes.

Long Term Storage & Transport Solutions

For long term packaging solutions, MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents can allow for a stable climatic atmosphere with a desired air humidity of as low as below 5% relative humidity.
Barrier packaging with MetPro CLIMAGEL Desiccant drying agents protect all moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic packaging goods such as: machines, electronic or optical assemblies, pharmaceutical or chemical products, medical devices, leather goods, textiles, food-stuffs or military goods against decay, corrosion, fungal attacks, dew moisture, moisture absorption, condensation and potential electrolyte formation.

We’re Your Experts When it Comes to Eliminating Moisture With Desiccants

Do you need to protect your products short term or long term from moisture? We’re here to help you overcome your corrosion, shipping and storing challenges. With over 70 years of experience in the field, we’re ideally suited to assist you with your long term and short term protection needs against corrosion! Our approach to customer satisfaction is achieved by clearly understanding your needs, so that we can offer the most suitable and cost-effective solution to you! Imagine having more protection to make sure your product stays safe, lasts longer, and makes it to your customer in the right condition.

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