Monday, November 28, 2016

Extensive Range of Metalworking Fluids Helps Improve Performance and Extends Shelf Life!

95% of corrosion cases are caused by deposits from previous manufacturing processes – residues of washing liquids, metalworking fluids, dust, acid or base activators or passivators during different coating types or deposits of acid gases during the process. MetPro’s Corro Range of Metalworking Fluids and VCI protective liquids are considered green and can be used from manufacturing right through to storage!

How Do You Know Which Metalworking Fluid is Right For You? Consult With Our Experts!

MetPro has a wide range of metalworking fluids including SyntheCut©, CorroClean©, and CorroTect©. The 3-level fluid system of oil-free and consequently water-soluble concentrates works with different processes and ensures safe corrosion protection during all stages of metal treatment.
Our extensive range is broken down into the following categories:

1.    Metal working Fluids

  • SyntheCut FS
  • SytheCut FS-AL
  • Synthe Cool GF

2.    Washing/Cleaning Liquids

  • CorroClean LP
  • CorroClean PSW

3.    Protective Coatings

  • CorroTect 56
  • CorroTect 5HC
  • CorroTect OAM
  • CorroTect WS
  • CorroTect HT
If you’d like to learn more about the types of metalworking fluids we offer, visit our website.

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