Sunday, November 1, 2015

5 Reasons Why MetPro’s VCI Paper is So Effective!

Are you searching for VCI paper for multiple applications?

Do you need a heavier graded VCI paper?

Are you looking to protect your products from different kinds of environmental conditions?

MetPro uses specially matured, machine glazed Kraft paper, which are coated with a range of vapour corrosion inhibitor chemical formulations.  The chemical chosen for coating is solely dependent on the metal to be protected. VCI papers provide an extremely dry method of protection and enables effective and long-term protection of metals in the most adverse conditions, even for hard to reach surfaces.

Why VCI Paper So Effective From MetPro?

1.    Superior MetPro technology
2.    Long term protection helps extend in service life
3.    Range of VCI paper is limitless
4.    Heavy-duty protection against environmental elements
5.    Multi-metallic protection

MetPro offers heavy-duty protection against metal corrosion whether your product needs reinforced, woven polypropylenes or corrugated boards, they have a product to fit your every need. You’re in good hands with the technical support team from MetPro!

Looking for more?

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