Friday, October 16, 2015

MetPro Metal Corrosion Protection for Your Equipment

MetPro Corrosion Protection | VCI
Don't let corrosion ruin your products!
Are you spending thousands replacing equipment and making repairs due to metal corrosion damage?

Do you need a better way to ensure that your equipment and machinery are protected?

MetPro’s metal corrosion protection products can help!


Corrosion happens when a material starts to deteriorate after exposure to elements such as water and oxygen. This process can be seen most easily in metals, and the result is rust.

MetPro offers a variety of vapour corrosion inhibitors that will keep your equipment looking brand new.

How Do These Metal Corrosion Protection Products Work?

VCI products include films, papers, and steel wraps, just to name a few.

These products work in several ways. Firstly, VCI products act as a type of protective barrier against dirt and abrasion, and also protect the equipment from outside-the-packaging pollutants, which can save your metal surfaces from corrosion.

MetPro VCI’s form a protective layer on the metal which will keep rust and other corrosive activities from happening on the surface of your metal equipment.

Won’t The Products Themselves Damage My Equipment?

No! VCI products can offer protection from outside elements without directly being in contact with the equipment and parts they are protecting. As long as your equipment is enclosed in or with a VCI product (decreasing the airflow), it will be protected.

Additional Benefits

Not only will these products increase the protection of your equipment, they will help extend their shelf life as well! Most MetPro VCI products have a shelf life of two years when they are stored correctly (out of direct sunlight, etc.)

Looking for more?

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MetPro Manufactures The Best Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors in the World!

Are you struggling to find the right product that helps to fight corrosion, increase in-service life, and keep your products safe during transport?

MetPro has more than 60 years of experience in the development and creation of rust prevention films, papers, liquids, and wraps. Our technical specialists can give advice on which vapour corrosion inhibitor will work best for protecting your products against corrosion.

Types of Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor Products

•    Corotex©
•    Cortoex Universal©
•    Zincotex©

•    CorroWork©
•    CorroClean©
•    CorroTect©

•    CoilWrap© using RapWeave
•    CoilWrap© using RapFilm
•    ProfileWrap© using AluRap

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About MetPro:

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