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MetPro Anti Slip Paper & Protective Packaging

MetPro Protective Packaging

Are your products getting damaged during transportation?

Do you put in major efforts to make your products perfect, only for them to be damaged, or even broken, when they reach your customer?

Protective Packaging Using MetProGripThe Situation: You’ve created your products to exact specifications, and they come off the line looking great. Still, a few days later, you get a call from your customer saying that they received a damaged product and they will be sending it back. Damaged? you think. But how did that happen? You made sure it was put together with the greatest care. The answer may lie in your transportation.

Accidents are a part of life, like it or not. At some point, your products are going to get damaged by shipping or transportation if the right precautions aren’t taken, and the right protective packaging isn't used.

MetPro has been in the protective packaging industry for years, and we noticed that even when manufacturers make every effort to get their products perfect, they would still get damaged during transportation. We discovered that a lot of this damage came as a result of pallets being tilted and moved around, letting products slip and fall.

So we got to work. We figured out how to create an anti-slip paper that not only offers great protection, but works with almost any product, and is even safe to use with food! We wanted to create protective packaging that's more than just anti-slip paper - so we made MetProGrip.

How Does It Work?

When products are transported on a pallet, one wrong move can damage all of them. Anti-slip paper is used between layers and on the pallet so products don’t slip, slide, or move. With a few sheets of MetProGrip added to your process, you can protect from falling damage and save your profits!

Protective Packaging Using MetProGrip

What Makes MetProGrip Protective Packaging Special?

MetPro believes in protection. MetProGrip is designed to be long lasting and reusable, making sure your products are as safe as possible.

    Here are just some of the advantages of MetProGrip

    •    Stabilizes pallet loads of all types of materials:
    •    Paper, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass, etc.
    •    Secures palleted products and goods
    •    Used during loading, transfer, and transport
    •    Pallets can be stacked higher without risk
    •    Reduces stretch requirements
    •    Can be used with vacuum storage systems
    •    Available in rolls and in sheet formats
    •    Standard weights: 100, 140, and 220gsm
    •    Can be 100% recycled
    •    Water resistant
    •    Reusable
    •    Suitable for foods

Is It Really That Simple?

Yes! We designed MetProGrip to be easy to implement into your business. Adding just a few sheets of MetProGrip to your process can save you thousands, and can even help your transportation move faster by allowing you to put more products on a pallet.

Looking for More?

We’ve got great information on our other protective packaging here, and you can even download the spec sheets to learn the details about all our products. You can also read more about MetProGrip right here!

About MetPro:

MetPro, a Transilwrap Company, is an international industrial packaging company with locations around the globe. Specializing in VCI Film, Industrial Packaging, Contract Packaging, VCI Paper, and Automotive Packaging, MetPro sets the standard for the packing industry.

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