Friday, December 4, 2015

Anti-Corrosion Industry Standards

What do you expect from an anti-corrosion product?

Do you current anti-corrosion products let you down?

Are you searching for the anti-corrosion industry standard when it comes to the right packaging materials?

MetPro‘s VCI products are made of proprietary chemical formulations that are invisible, odorless, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable and non-allergenic. These specialized chemicals release a corrosion inhibiting vapor that diffuses throughout an enclosure and settles on exposed metal surfaces to form a microscopic or monomolecular corrosion inhibiting layer.


For almost 20 years MetPro has developed and produced products using the most innovative anti-corrosion technology. We specialize in VCIs for a wide variety of packaging materials in frequent use throughout the automotive, steel and metal working industries.

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

5 Reasons Why MetPro’s VCI Paper is So Effective!

Are you searching for VCI paper for multiple applications?

Do you need a heavier graded VCI paper?

Are you looking to protect your products from different kinds of environmental conditions?

MetPro uses specially matured, machine glazed Kraft paper, which are coated with a range of vapour corrosion inhibitor chemical formulations.  The chemical chosen for coating is solely dependent on the metal to be protected. VCI papers provide an extremely dry method of protection and enables effective and long-term protection of metals in the most adverse conditions, even for hard to reach surfaces.

Why VCI Paper So Effective From MetPro?

1.    Superior MetPro technology
2.    Long term protection helps extend in service life
3.    Range of VCI paper is limitless
4.    Heavy-duty protection against environmental elements
5.    Multi-metallic protection

MetPro offers heavy-duty protection against metal corrosion whether your product needs reinforced, woven polypropylenes or corrugated boards, they have a product to fit your every need. You’re in good hands with the technical support team from MetPro!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

MetPro Metal Corrosion Protection for Your Equipment

MetPro Corrosion Protection | VCI
Don't let corrosion ruin your products!
Are you spending thousands replacing equipment and making repairs due to metal corrosion damage?

Do you need a better way to ensure that your equipment and machinery are protected?

MetPro’s metal corrosion protection products can help!


Corrosion happens when a material starts to deteriorate after exposure to elements such as water and oxygen. This process can be seen most easily in metals, and the result is rust.

MetPro offers a variety of vapour corrosion inhibitors that will keep your equipment looking brand new.

How Do These Metal Corrosion Protection Products Work?

VCI products include films, papers, and steel wraps, just to name a few.

These products work in several ways. Firstly, VCI products act as a type of protective barrier against dirt and abrasion, and also protect the equipment from outside-the-packaging pollutants, which can save your metal surfaces from corrosion.

MetPro VCI’s form a protective layer on the metal which will keep rust and other corrosive activities from happening on the surface of your metal equipment.

Won’t The Products Themselves Damage My Equipment?

No! VCI products can offer protection from outside elements without directly being in contact with the equipment and parts they are protecting. As long as your equipment is enclosed in or with a VCI product (decreasing the airflow), it will be protected.

Additional Benefits

Not only will these products increase the protection of your equipment, they will help extend their shelf life as well! Most MetPro VCI products have a shelf life of two years when they are stored correctly (out of direct sunlight, etc.)

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MetPro Manufactures The Best Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors in the World!

Are you struggling to find the right product that helps to fight corrosion, increase in-service life, and keep your products safe during transport?

MetPro has more than 60 years of experience in the development and creation of rust prevention films, papers, liquids, and wraps. Our technical specialists can give advice on which vapour corrosion inhibitor will work best for protecting your products against corrosion.

Types of Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor Products

•    Corotex©
•    Cortoex Universal©
•    Zincotex©

•    CorroWork©
•    CorroClean©
•    CorroTect©

•    CoilWrap© using RapWeave
•    CoilWrap© using RapFilm
•    ProfileWrap© using AluRap

To learn more about the benefits of our vapour corrosion inhibitors visit our website!

About MetPro:

MetPro, a Transilwrap Company, is an international industrial packaging company with locations around the globe. Specializing in VCI Film, Industrial Packaging, Contract Packaging, VCI Paper, and Automotive Packaging, MetPro sets the standard for the packing industry. Call us today and get advice from our technical specialists on all of your packaging needs!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MetPro Anti Slip Paper & Protective Packaging

MetPro Protective Packaging

Are your products getting damaged during transportation?

Do you put in major efforts to make your products perfect, only for them to be damaged, or even broken, when they reach your customer?

Protective Packaging Using MetProGripThe Situation: You’ve created your products to exact specifications, and they come off the line looking great. Still, a few days later, you get a call from your customer saying that they received a damaged product and they will be sending it back. Damaged? you think. But how did that happen? You made sure it was put together with the greatest care. The answer may lie in your transportation.

Accidents are a part of life, like it or not. At some point, your products are going to get damaged by shipping or transportation if the right precautions aren’t taken, and the right protective packaging isn't used.

MetPro has been in the protective packaging industry for years, and we noticed that even when manufacturers make every effort to get their products perfect, they would still get damaged during transportation. We discovered that a lot of this damage came as a result of pallets being tilted and moved around, letting products slip and fall.

So we got to work. We figured out how to create an anti-slip paper that not only offers great protection, but works with almost any product, and is even safe to use with food! We wanted to create protective packaging that's more than just anti-slip paper - so we made MetProGrip.

How Does It Work?

When products are transported on a pallet, one wrong move can damage all of them. Anti-slip paper is used between layers and on the pallet so products don’t slip, slide, or move. With a few sheets of MetProGrip added to your process, you can protect from falling damage and save your profits!

Protective Packaging Using MetProGrip

What Makes MetProGrip Protective Packaging Special?

MetPro believes in protection. MetProGrip is designed to be long lasting and reusable, making sure your products are as safe as possible.

    Here are just some of the advantages of MetProGrip

    •    Stabilizes pallet loads of all types of materials:
    •    Paper, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass, etc.
    •    Secures palleted products and goods
    •    Used during loading, transfer, and transport
    •    Pallets can be stacked higher without risk
    •    Reduces stretch requirements
    •    Can be used with vacuum storage systems
    •    Available in rolls and in sheet formats
    •    Standard weights: 100, 140, and 220gsm
    •    Can be 100% recycled
    •    Water resistant
    •    Reusable
    •    Suitable for foods

Is It Really That Simple?

Yes! We designed MetProGrip to be easy to implement into your business. Adding just a few sheets of MetProGrip to your process can save you thousands, and can even help your transportation move faster by allowing you to put more products on a pallet.

Looking for More?

We’ve got great information on our other protective packaging here, and you can even download the spec sheets to learn the details about all our products. You can also read more about MetProGrip right here!

About MetPro:

MetPro, a Transilwrap Company, is an international industrial packaging company with locations around the globe. Specializing in VCI Film, Industrial Packaging, Contract Packaging, VCI Paper, and Automotive Packaging, MetPro sets the standard for the packing industry.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rust Prevention at Every Stage

Metal Working Fluids and Rust PreventionDid You Know … ?

95% of corrosion cases are caused by deposits from previous manufacturing processes – residues of washing liquids, metalworking fluids, dust, acid or base activators or passivators during different coating types or deposits of acid gases during the process.

What this means is that your products are starting to corrode even before they
are shipped. Even with VCI Papers and wraps put on afterward, corrosive elements may have already attached to your metal and started doing damage.

So, what causes this damage?

There are three categories of fluids used in the manufacturing process, and each one has an effect on the corrosion of your products.

1. Metal Working Fluids

This category includes fluids from things like Drilling, Milling, Sawing, Tapping,
Cutting, Grinding and more. Believe it or not, using the wrong metal working fluids in
this early process can cause rust and corrosion from the start.

2. Cleaning Fluids

It may be counter-intuitive, but yes, the wrong cleaning products, or cleaning incorrectly, can damage your products. It’s important to not only use the right cleaning product, but to make sure that the cleaning product has been cleaned off completely as well.

3. Protective Fluids

Here’s the part of the process where most people begin to worry about corrosion, but by now, damage has already been done.

So, How Do You Prevent Rust and Corrosion? 

MetPro has corrosion protection and rust prevention products for each step of the
manufacturing process, and each one is specifically designed for its stage. We offer the highest level of protection for your products from start to finish. Learn more about Rust Prevention here!

About MetPro:

MetPro, a Transilwrap Company, is an international industrial and automotive packaging company with locations around the globe. Specializing in VCI Film, Industrial Packaging, Contract Packaging, VCI Paper, and Automotive Packaging, MetPro sets the standard for the packing industry. Visit for more!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

MetPro Speeds Up Automotive Packaging

MetPro Automotive Packaging | Anti Corrosion Packaging
One issue faced by the automotive industry is the need for JIT (Just In Time) delivery.  This means ordering exactly what you need with delivery when you need it. Long lead times are not an option.

With our North America location right here in Mid-Michigan, the heart of the automotive industry, we saw this challenge and met it head on.

What do they need?

Automotive packaging is a deadline driven field. The need for custom orders completed and delivered quickly is necessary to keep business moving and efficient.

As with any business, customized orders on tight deadlines are a challenge, but we put our heads together and figured out a way to make sure we could get specialized orders completed and shipped with shorter lead times than ever.

How did we fix it?

One word: expansion. We put a lot of work into getting the right equipment, and checking what the automotive industry needs to make sure we offer custom orders done fast and right.

“A high demand industry needs a company that can handle special orders with short deadlines, regardless of where they are on the globe,” said Nanci Forster, Business Development Manager at MetPro. “Especially here in Michigan, the automotive hub of North America, we’re glad to make automotive packaging faster and simpler than ever”

Many of our products are now stocked to provide shipment within 24 hours, which means we are able to complete those “Just In Time” orders with time to spare.

About MetPro:

MetPro, a Transilwrap Company, is an international industrial and automotive packaging company with locations around the globe. Specializing in VCI Film, Industrial Packaging, Contract Packaging, VCI Paper, and Automotive Packaging, MetPro sets the standard for the packing industry. Visit for more!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BioTect - The VCI Film Revolution

What is BioTect VCI Film?

BioTect is MetPro’s revolutionary new VCI Film, and is the ultimate focus on safety and protection for people and products. BioTect can be customized to fit any size job and any number of needs, from small-sized packaging for delicate parts all the way up to full coils of steel.

BioTect is nitrite and amine free, recyclable, and made from natural products. Packaging has never been safer!

So what makes BioTect so special?


The Technical Specs:

BioTect is the first and only VCI Film on the market that is approved for contact with food.


What that means for you:

BioTect is safe for every use, in any format. This means that your people and products are safer than ever before.


The Technical Specs:

VCI is directly extruded into the film, and not applied separately to the surface.


What that means for you:

Stronger, longer lasting defense against the worst that mother nature can throw at you. Infusing VCI protection into the film ensures more protection for your products for as long as 15 years.


The Technical Specs:

Improved volatile corrosion inhibitor and vapor corrosion protection.


What that means for you:

Your products are now safer from rust, corrosion, and damage.

Product after transport without VCI protection
Product after transport with VCI protection

So, whether you’re packing, storing, transporting, or anything else your metal needs, you can rest assured it’s safe from damage with BioTect.

Want to Learn More?

 Give us a call at 517-586-0011, or contact us on the website! We have tons of great information about our products and services.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Innovations in Automotive Packaging and Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors

The 1, 2, 3 approach to corrosion protection not only protects your products, but also improves time efficiencies and reduces your costs.

(For the complete article on the design and packaging process, click this link.)

If you’re considering a new type of transportation or short-term storage solution for your products, there are many important factors to consider. Whenever you deal with raw metals that have a tendency to corrode, you must also consider the potentially corrosive environment your products will be exposed to during transportation or storage.

It is equally important that the protection solution you choose must be simple not only in its application, but should be easy to remove and dispose of once it reaches its final destination. Time is money and if too much time needs to be spent removing protective solutions, precious time is lost.

There are 3 basic corrosion prevention types:
  1. Oil or wax coating
  2. Barrier films with desiccants
  3. VCI
Oil is not only difficult to coat and remove, but it also time consuming and is difficult to dispose of after use. There is also the possibility of contamination of other packaging materials with these oil residues. The barrier films are also an option, but there are labor costs to factor in during application.
While both options are still widely used, more and more materials and products are now being shipped in VCI packaging, which can be applied both as polyethylene film, giving the added advantage of external protection, or VCI kraft paper used as interleaves or for the individual wrapping of parts.

Vapor Corrosion inhibitor
With VCI Protection

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
Without VCI Protection

The MetPro Approach to Automotive Packaging
Because you cannot control the temperature and humidity inside the packaging or limit water condensation, it is critical to fulfill several important conditions while you’re deciding what you’re going to pack your products in as well as when you’re going to pack it.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor

The Design Stage

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
Foam inserts for automotive packaging

It is critical that no organic material is touching the metal surface.

A method of ensuring corrosion protection
Vapor Corrosion InhibitorVapor Corrosion Inhibitor

The VCI packaging does not require hermetical sealing, (unlike barrier packaging), however it is recommended to keep the packaging sealed as tightly as possible. In the packaging of automotive parts, several methods are commonly used to seal the pack; from the use of adhesive tape to a very simply folding over method.

The pallet or box should always be prepared with insulation from the bottom.

The Automotive Packaging Process

It is also important to ensure cleanliness of the material you pack. VCI is a chemical action on the surface of a metal part and it needs a clean surface to offer maximum corrosion protection. For best results, your parts should be clean and free of all residues.

When you’ve packed the parts in VCI there is now a VCI environment created inside the packaging material and the Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors begin condensing and forming a monomolecular layer on the metal surface.

MetPro Automotive Packaging with a Difference
At MetPro we recognize the complexity and challenges that customers face every day in the packaging and transportation of their products and parts. It is an expensive and timely business. It is also true there is no one size fits all. While there are a wide range of products available for many situations, tailored solutions are often needed for those outsized or unique situations. But what is common to all is the need to properly plan and design the process, ensure the environment is right and that workers are properly trained. You can benefit from significant savings of time and money when the right Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor packaging materials and processes are used and when parts arrive at their destination ready to use immediately! It’s why VCI protection is the number 1 choice in the automotive metal parts transportation today.

MetPro offers a wide variety of products and can tailor solutions to your specific needs. Visit for more information or call us and one of our technical team will be happy to talk to you!